Winter in Kyrgyzstan

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If you have got a chance to visit the Pearl of KyrgyzstanIssyk Kul lake in winter, then I would advise you not to hurry to leave the region. The thing is, Issyk Kul province hides the best place to spend winter holidays. It is the most famous Karakol ski base of Kyrgyzstan.

The base is situated on the Karakol gorge, having almost all conditions for winter sports. You can enjoy the best activities of the season, including skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and much more. There are rentals of equipments available, so you do not have to worry for not having ones.

Since Karakol is considered the best ski resort of the country, you will not have any problems with finding a suitable hotels or guest houses either. The visitors can enjoy the cosiness of them after the exhausting day of skiing and snowboarding.

Last but not the least, if you do visit Karakol region, do not forget to try the special food, calledAsh-lyam-fu”. It is the cold appetizer made of noodles and starch and got the status ofsignature foodof Karakol.

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