Welcome to Legendary Silk Road!


I’ve got that love of traveling from my parents since childhood. We’ve been to so many developing countries and cities that none of the skyscrapers surprised me anymore. So that’s when I realized that I need something very unique, such as the time-machine which can get me to an absolutely different world. When I read about Great Silk Road and the countries, which are situated there, I got that no more need to that superficial machine! All I had to do was to make a brave choice and get my things ready! All of the countries sounded familiar, but one – Kyrgyzstan. So, definitely, that was my first choice! My impressions before and after arriving that country are so great that it’s impossible to fit them all here. I’ll be sharing them by parts. For now, you can take a look at some sites where I got my very first introductions to that amazing country: Silk Road.

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