Universal Destinations!


I love the places that choose no time of the year! It does not matter which season you visit them, it still feels awesome! There is suchuniversalplace in Kyrgyzstan as well. It takes only an hour on a car to get to that wonderland, called Ala-Archa.

The Ala-Archa Gorge is one of the most visited touristic sights in Kyrgyzstan. There is a National Park with the same name in the region, In summers, it is filled with students, families and friends, who came for picnics. Literally meaningFir-tree”, the place is rich with trees and grasses and it creates a perfect atmosphere to relax for real in vacations.

Colds of winter also cannot stop the visitors from coming. Ala-Archa’s glaciers and snow in nice condition attract the winter sports people. Skiers often come for skiing practices and lovers of snowboarding enjoy plenty of snow and space!

If the one feels lazy to do all of the above said, then welcome anyways! There are nice cabins to stay overnight, so go ahead and plan a New Year trip on the mountains!


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