This is destiny…


Once upon a time, there lived a princess on the tower that almost touched the sky. That majestic tower Burana was not really built to add beauty to the kingdom, but

There are so many legends in Kyrgyz nation about this tower. Just like any other emotional girl, I could not keep tears after listening to the story behind it. It was so touching; bothbeautiful and tragic

After many years of longing for a child, the king finally was given a childsweet little girl. He loved her so dearly and was ready for everything to make her the happiest princess on Earth. Unfortunately, the soothsayers came to him and said that his happiness will not last for long. When the girl turns 18, she will be bitten by dangerous insect and die.

King could not believe them but anyways endless fear filled his heart. He called the best builders and architects, ordered them to build the highest tower possible. It was completed in the shortest time possible and from that day on, the princess started living in the very top of it, away from the world

However, there was no way to run away from destiny. When she turned 18, her maiden wanted to share sweet grapes with her, not even suspecting about the poisonous insect inside

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