Solomon’s Mountain

The 3000-year-old city hides some of special treasures of Silk Road, which is situated at the very center of it. We mentioned about it in the last blog. It is the Suleiman mountain, for some the sacred place, for others one of the best places to observe the city, just like the great king of India Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur. He was the one, who built the beautiful white house on the very top of the mountain.

As we can figure, the mountain is named after the prophet SUleiman, however, there are no certain proofs about his visit here. Even until very recent years, people kept accepting the place as sacred and searched solutions for their problems by tying ribbons on its trees. Some people just go up there to observe the city and visit pretty interesting museum inside the cave.

The guys below in the video tried to share their experiences and emotions on the way up, so let us take a look:

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