Hello everyone! As your little virtual travel guide, I am going to share one of the coolest tour packages to beautiful Samarkand with you today.

Traveling is always great but the process itself is not without diffilculties. So having a good guide acoompany you is something very important for your perfect adventures.  In order to find out what specific guides I am talkng about, click here.

The tour offer I shared is unique with the fact that it takes you not only from Tashkent to Samarkand, but also other major historic treasures of Uzbekistan, such as Buhkara and Khiva! I am sure that this ten-day-journey will fill any tourist with unforgettable memories, bright emotions and positive energy for the whole year!


Virtual Tour to Samarkand

They source, from which I got the video, says that the city of Samarkand is the same age as ancient Rome! This also explains how much of history the city carries.

Chinese people have such saying “Bai wen bu ru yi jian”, which means “Hearing a hundred times is no better than seeing once”. So, instead of loading you guys with facts, I’d better take you to the beautiful tour around this ancient place by the useful video introduction.

You will be introduced with almost every single sight in Samarkand and the information is also very accurate, since it is given by the special tour guide from Uzbekistan!

Treasure of Uzbekistan

People in foreign countries may not have heard about Uzbekistan and not have any idea about their culture, but believe me, almost %90 of those “unfamiliar-with-Uzbekistan” people, definitely do know about this famous city of Samarkand!

This is the real treasure of the country. This is the very place, which was home for the world’s biggest scholars in science and literalture, including Mirzo Ulugbek, one of the astronomy’s fathers, Imam Al-Bukhari, the greatest muhaddis of all times (the scholar, who collected and passed the sayings of prophet Muhammad (s.a.v.)), etc.

Samarkand is one of the richest with history and vast variety of its heritage cities not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the whole world! This where you will find the mausoleum of the leader,who took over the half of the world, Tamerlan, the ruins of ancient civilizations, which are still kept in perfect condition.

So, if you would like to find the world, which is totally different from our modern one, Samarkand is one of the best choices you can make!

Asian Beauty Queen

Beautiful, wonderful, majestic, enchanting, … What else can I say about this land of greatest people of history, starting from scientists, writers, poets and scholars! This country takes my breath away every time I look at it! Uzbekistan – the pearl of Central Asia, the beloved of not only its citizens, but also a lot of people around the world!

You ask why? Enjoy the awesome welcoming video from Uzbekistan and there will be no more need to explanations… Just take a look at the amount of treasure hidden in the country! And that is just the outer part, so keep following for more trips inside the box as well!

Asian “Great Canyon”

Here is  another model of American wonder in Kyrgyzstan – the Great Kyrgyz Canyon! It is not as huge as the one in the United States. However, the beauty of it can definitely be compared in that level!

Konorchak canyons are located in the north side of a country and it takes about three to five hours on a car from the capital city of Bishkek. So, the earlier you leave, the more time you will get to spend at the destination.

The canyons are pretty huge in size, the length can get up to two hunded kilometers! So, on the other hand, the day will not be enough to explore the whole place at all.

What you will see there in the canyons are not only the red slopes with interesting shapes, but also the caves with mineral fossils of sea-shells.