More on Shahrisabz

Shahrisabz is one of the most ancient cities in Uzbekistan. According to historical data, the city existed even 200 years ago. It witnessed the greatest events, including the battles of Alexander the Great, persian kings, including Dariy and Kir, etc.

Now it is a cute little city, which can be proud of its own industries, including the production of cotton, wine, waving and so on. Unfortunately, not all architectural heritage was able to survive that long period. However, what is left is peserved with great care.

I would like to bring your attention to this very unusual virtual tour, which you can only see in this website:

Tamerlan’s Motherland

Talking about the motherland of Amir Temur, I could do nothing but also mention the special place, where this famous individual was actually born.

He was born in 1336 in Shahrisabz. He spent his childhood and teenage years. From the very beginning of his rulings, he gathered the best architects, who built variety of palaces, mosques and mausoleums.

The ruins you see above in the picture are all what is left from the palace “Ak Saray”. Its original height was 35 meters. Tamerlan ordered to write following phrase on that building: “If you doubt about our greatness, then take a look at our constructions! “

Last Touch

I could not move on to the next topic without one more beautiful tour to the holy city of Bukhara. I am pretty sure that you will also like this little gift from me.

Below is one of the greatest videos, which demonstrates the ancient city, its precious archtectural masterpieces. In fact, it is not a touristic promotional video but a clip for an interesting song. By which singer though? The answer may surprise you even more: it is the daughter of Uzbekistan’s president!

This young lady is much stronger than she seems. Taking over both politics and show business, she is dong a great job in representing her country to the whole world in such a beautiful way. So, take a look and enjoy!



Bukhara Live

There is just so much to say about the ancient Bukhara that it makes several series of books, just describing its architectural heritage. How about the history itself and some information on culture then?

To make it short and rich at the same time, here I will provide a great video material, which helps you open some more secrets of this city. Besides details, you will also enjoy the visual proofs, scenes from enchanting streets of the city.

Thanks to Euronews for such amazing introduction to Bukhara! Now you can go ahead and check out the video and join the adventures virtually.

Holy City

There is one city in Uzbekistan, which is mentioned as often as Samarkand and Tashkent, two greatest touristic sites of the country. That holy city is Bukhara and the reasons why it got this status of sacred place are so many…

Bukhara is so ancient that it is said to have been mentioned even in Avesto. Thousands of years ago, the city was the center of different civilization. During the period of the Great Silk road, it was one of the noisiest trade centers in Central Asia. The majestic buildings and colorful monuments that were built those times still remain and keep the greatness of it.

Bukhara was the center of not only economy, but also science, literature and especially religious studies. Students from all over the world came to the madrasah in order to learn at the most respected scholars. It is an honor to note that one of the greatest people in Islam’s history, the author of the greatest hadith book, imam Al-Bukhari was also born here!