National Hero



As you enter the Osh city, you will see the monument of a strong man on the horse and the lions or leopards on his both sides. This is the national hero of KyrgyzstanManas. There are so many debates going on, whether Manas actually existed or not, however, the epic of Manas does exist.

The epic of Manas is the pride of the nation. It is said to be the biggest epic on Earth, after it comes the IndianMahabharata”, which is twice smaller than Manas. The epic has the 1000 years of history and that huge anniversary was celebrated in 1995.

Manas was passed by the generations not by the books or scripts, but orally. Till our days there appeared more than fifty versions, told by variety of oral poets, who are as well calledmanaschi”. The longest version of it consists of 500553 poeticlines and the author was legendary Saiakbay Karalaev.

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