Heritage from Tamerlan

Kyrgyzstan and its history amazes me very often. I ask myself, how can this small country include such huge amount of history inside? The thing is, the history is not only on the books but also scattered by different places. Just taking a tour around this country and sightseeing can as much information as in ten books of history.

What I would like to share today is a one-of-a-kind memorial, located in Issyk Kul province. They call it San Tash (“counting stone” from Kyrgyz language). At the first sight, it is hard to accept that as some important heritage, because all you will see is big amount of stones, put in one place. But just a little legend will make everything clear:

The legends say that the soldiers of Tamerlan first left a stone each to one place before going to the war. After the battle, they returned to the same place to take back the stones and see how many of them were not able to make it. When Tamerlan saw the amount of soldiers killed in the battle, he was so touched and let their stones remain there as a memory from the brave soldiers…

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