Caravanserai on Silk Road


Kyrgyzstan, as a significant part of Silk Road in history, keeps its visitors amazed by the hidden treasures inside. They are not seen right after the one gets out of the airport and go downtown Bishkek. It sometimes takes pretty long and hard journey to be able to see the heritage from centuries back.

Tash Rabat is one of those mysterious places of the country. Situated in At Bashy district, Naryn province of Kyrgyzstan, it belongs to the 10-15th century. It is a stone caravanserai, located at the altitude of 3,200 meters.

There are some opinions that it was actually a Nestorian or Buddhist monastery. Researches in the end of 1970-s and beginning of 1980-s by the Institute of History of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences concluded that Tash Rabat was originally built as a Nestorian monastery in the 10th century. However no artifacts sacred to Christians have been found during excavations.

Since it is pretty far from civilization and it takes a long journey to reach it, the visitor may want to stay there at least overnight. There are some yurts near the ancient caravanserai for visitors and no hotels of modern type. So it will be one of the real nomadic experiences.

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