Ancient Bazaar

The second “must see” place in Osh city is the ancient bazaar. Situated in two sides of Ak-Buura River, the bazaar has the perfect eastern atmosphere, which can be felt in only a few places.

Bazaar consists of just about a couple but very long lines, which makes it easier for the new visitors to orientate easier without getting lost. There is almost Anything the person can wish: clothes, shoes, accessories for any taste. If you are not really satisfied, then there is a separate line of fabrics for you to create your own style!

The other side is filled with food: beautiful and yummy Uzbek bread, hundreds of types of spices, candy, dried fruit, fresh veggies and so on! Before visiting the market, the one needs to make sure that he wrote “what-to-buy” list, otherwise the goodies around will just make the head spin around and he may end up spending all money before buying what actually is necessary!

There are specialChayhanas by the river. After long walking in hot weather and tiring shoppings, it is a perfect option to stop in these cosy ancientcafes and enjoying the view of the river.

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