Alay’s “Special”

Last time I did my best to introduce you guys to the famous dish of South Kyrgyzstan. Now the turn is to the famous drink!

The days are getting warmer with sunshine spreading more light day by day. Soon will be that period when we will not be able to walk in the streets for long without having something cold, for instance water, iced soda and much more. Kyrgyz people, however, have one of the best and most unusual options and that is a very special Horse Milk drinkKymyz”!

The drink has a bit of sour taste, which may seem weird at the beginning and later will become one of your favorites! The best ones are usually made in the valley of Alay, since that is the place where the best of horses and greatest conditions for them are located. So, hurry up and add it to yourmust-trylist as well for this summer!

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