3000 years of History


Sometimes really huge events can happen in pretty small places. For instance, tiny little Kyrgyzstan hides such significant treasures, that it takes several chapters to talk about them. One of those pearls is the city of Osh.

Osh is said to be the most ancient city of Kyrgyzstan. According to the Chinese historical scripts, the city is 3000 years old. Kyrgyz people also call it the second capital of Kyrgyzstan, according to its territory and population.

The center of the city is very easy to find, since it is marked not with some sign, but a wonderful Mountain! It is the sacred mountain of Sulayman. There will be a separate chapter about it, so we will go on to the next sight.

So here comes the river Ak-Buura, that divides the city into two parts. In both sides of the river is the famous eastern bazaar. It is the perfect place to taste the life that once existed in Silk Road and still does in only a few places.

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