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Walnut Forest

Today we will keep on exploring Kyrgyzstan without going far from the south part, where we stopped last time. There is a very special place, which is actually one of the biggest treasures of the country.

In the province of Jalal Abad, which is just next to the famous Osh province, there is the biggest in the world walnut forest! The forest is located on the beautiful mountains, among which there are also two stunning waterfalls, and make it one of the most enchating destinations for the tourists as well.

The walnut trees give tons of harvest every year, which is later sorted and exported to other countries besides the locals themselves. The main workforce there is apparently the local citizens themselves, since they have grown among all of this and know their job really well.

Jyluu Suu

I really hope that he story of Mountains Queen – Kurmanjan Datka touched many of yours’ hearts. So, hoping that every detail and information, which is connected to her, will be interesting for you, I decided to write about the place of her residence – Alay valley, just next to the province of Osh.

Alay is a great valley, with the view of breathtakingly beautiful mountain ranges, usually covered in fresh green. The fresh air, which is one of the reasons why nomads, living there were pretty healthy, the grasses all around, which add specific fragrance to the atmosphere and make it so comfortable to feed the cattle, these are all what attract not only the nomads, but also the tourists to the place.

There in Alay, you will also find a perfect recreational place, which is called Jyluu Suu (warm water). That is where one of the warm springs of Kyrgyzstan located and the visitors enjoy the swimming pools filled with warm spring water in their vacations.

Trip to South

Let me take you to the South of Kyrgyzstan, which was in fact one of the cradles of Kyrgyz nation. That is where the famous Alay valleys are located and Kyrgyz people lived the nomadic lifestyle.

Among the interesting stories and facts about Alay, there is one that stands out and leaves people in awe. It is the story of Alay’s queen – Kurmanjan Datka. This precious woman had more braveness and wisdom than even some famous men of that time. She was able to unite the spread nomads of Kyrgyz and spent her life striving for the independence of her nation.

I am sure you would love to see her with your own eyes. There is a chance for you to watch a beautiful movie taken about her. Below is the link to its official trailer, enjoy it!

Ice Period

Sad that I could find no more videos about this amazing place, called “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. It is the favorite destination of many locals on weekends and vacations. This recreational zone provides beautiful atmosphere in harmony with nature throughout the year: in winter it offers a big open air skating rink. Summers can be spent by fishing by the river and enjoying water activities.

The “Cabin” offers not only fun activities, but also the delicios dishes of national and international cuisine. The mixture of perfect place with perfect meals is the best way to spend spare time as it can be!


Time seems like flowing, flying with the speed of light! Winter is also getting closer to the end. So, I am also doing my best to share as much information as possible on available ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan.

This ski base is one of the closest to the capital destinations, with the distance of about 90 km by car. “Orlovka” ski base is said to be the most visited places of the region for so many years already. The factors which make it so famous are probably obvious:

Great conditions of snow, all opportunities for any skier, no matter to which level he or she belongs, friendly atmosphere and so on. Besides these, there is a nice place available for having some delicacies after tiring activities: the cafe there provides the dishes of not only Kyrgyz nation, but also the international cuisine!

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