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Solomon’s Mountain

The 3000-year-old city hides some of special treasures of Silk Road, which is situated at the very center of it. We mentioned about it in the last blog. It is the Suleiman mountain, for some the sacred place, for others one of the best places to observe the city, just like the great king of India Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur. He was the one, who built the beautiful white house on the very top of the mountain.

As we can figure, the mountain is named after the prophet SUleiman, however, there are no certain proofs about his visit here. Even until very recent years, people kept accepting the place as sacred and searched solutions for their problems by tying ribbons on its trees. Some people just go up there to observe the city and visit pretty interesting museum inside the cave.

The guys below in the video tried to share their experiences and emotions on the way up, so let us take a look:

3000 years of History

Sometimes really huge events can happen in pretty small places. For instance, tiny little Kyrgyzstan hides such significant treasures, that it takes several chapters to talk about them. One of those pearls is the city of Osh.

Osh is said to be the most ancient city of Kyrgyzstan. According to the Chinese historical scripts, the city is 3000 years old. Kyrgyz people also call it the second capital of Kyrgyzstan, according to its territory and population.

The center of the city is very easy to find, since it is marked not with some sign, but a wonderful Mountain! It is the sacred mountain of Sulayman. There will be a separate chapter about it, so we will go on to the next sight.

So here comes the river Ak-Buura, that divides the city into two parts. In both sides of the river is the famous eastern bazaar. It is the perfect place to taste the life that once existed in Silk Road and still does in only a few places.

Caravanserai on Silk Road

Kyrgyzstan, as a significant part of Silk Road in history, keeps its visitors amazed by the hidden treasures inside. They are not seen right after the one gets out of the airport and go downtown Bishkek. It sometimes takes pretty long and hard journey to be able to see the heritage from centuries back.

Tash Rabat is one of those mysterious places of the country. Situated in At Bashy district, Naryn province of Kyrgyzstan, it belongs to the 10-15th century. It is a stone caravanserai, located at the altitude of 3,200 meters.

There are some opinions that it was actually a Nestorian or Buddhist monastery. Researches in the end of 1970-s and beginning of 1980-s by the Institute of History of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences concluded that Tash Rabat was originally built as a Nestorian monastery in the 10th century. However no artifacts sacred to Christians have been found during excavations.

Since it is pretty far from civilization and it takes a long journey to reach it, the visitor may want to stay there at least overnight. There are some yurts near the ancient caravanserai for visitors and no hotels of modern type. So it will be one of the real nomadic experiences.

Universal Destinations!

I love the places that choose no time of the year! It does not matter which season you visit them, it still feels awesome! There is such “universal” place in Kyrgyzstan as well. It takes only an hour on a car to get to that wonderland, called Ala-Archa.

The Ala-Archa Gorge is one of the most visited touristic sights in Kyrgyzstan. There is a National Park with the same name in the region, In summers, it is filled with students, families and friends, who came for picnics. Literally meaning “Fir-tree”, the place is rich with trees and grasses and it creates a perfect atmosphere to relax for real in vacations.

Colds of winter also cannot stop the visitors from coming. Ala-Archa’s glaciers and snow in nice condition attract the winter sports people. Skiers often come for skiing practices and lovers of snowboarding enjoy plenty of snow and space!

If the one feels lazy to do all of the above said, then welcome anyways! There are nice cabins to stay overnight, so go ahead and plan a New Year trip on the mountains!

This is destiny…

Once upon a time, there lived a princess on the tower that almost touched the sky. That majestic tower Burana was not really built to add beauty to the kingdom, but…

There are so many legends in Kyrgyz nation about this tower. Just like any other emotional girl, I could not keep tears after listening to the story behind it. It was so touching; both – beautiful and tragic…

After many years of longing for a child, the king finally was given a child – sweet little girl. He loved her so dearly and was ready for everything to make her the happiest princess on Earth. Unfortunately, the soothsayers came to him and said that his happiness will not last for long. When the girl turns 18, she will be bitten by dangerous insect and die.

King could not believe them but anyways endless fear filled his heart. He called the best builders and architects, ordered them to build the highest tower possible. It was completed in the shortest time possible and from that day on, the princess started living in the very top of it, away from the world…

However, there was no way to run away from destiny. When she turned 18, her maiden wanted to share sweet grapes with her, not even suspecting about the poisonous insect inside…

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