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Beautiful, wonderful, majestic, enchanting, … What else can I say about this land of greatest people of history, starting from scientists, writers, poets and scholars! This country takes my breath away every time I look at it! Uzbekistan – the pearl of Central Asia, the beloved of not only its citizens, but also a lot of people around the world!

You ask why? Enjoy the awesome welcoming video from Uzbekistan and there will be no more need to explanations… Just take a look at the amount of treasure hidden in the country! And that is just the outer part, so keep following for more trips inside the box as well!

Asian “Great Canyon”

Here is  another model of American wonder in Kyrgyzstan – the Great Kyrgyz Canyon! It is not as huge as the one in the United States. However, the beauty of it can definitely be compared in that level!

Konorchak canyons are located in the north side of a country and it takes about three to five hours on a car from the capital city of Bishkek. So, the earlier you leave, the more time you will get to spend at the destination.

The canyons are pretty huge in size, the length can get up to two hunded kilometers! So, on the other hand, the day will not be enough to explore the whole place at all.

What you will see there in the canyons are not only the red slopes with interesting shapes, but also the caves with mineral fossils of sea-shells.

Asia’s Patagonia

Let me get your attention to the little offer before we leave Alai valley. Have you ever heard of South American Patagonia, which is full of mountain nature and the atmosphere? If yes, then I am really glad to tell you that there is no need to take such a long trip to South America in order to explore that. Just take a closer look at Kyrgyzstan and you will be able to discover Asian Patagonia there!

One of the biggest mountain ranges of the country, Pamir Alay is that very replicate of South American beauty. People love being there especially in the hot days of summer, when the need for freshness and coolness is so high. So, I would like you guys keep this in mind for future summer vacations!

Alay’s “Special”

Last time I did my best to introduce you guys to the famous dish of South Kyrgyzstan. Now the turn is to the famous drink!

The days are getting warmer with sunshine spreading more light day by day. Soon will be that period when we will not be able to walk in the streets for long without having something cold, for instance water, iced soda and much more. Kyrgyz people, however, have one of the best and most unusual options and that is a very special Horse Milk drink “Kymyz”!

The drink has a bit of sour taste, which may seem weird at the beginning and later will become one of your favorites! The best ones are usually made in the valley of Alay, since that is the place where the best of horses and greatest conditions for them are located. So, hurry up and add it to your “must-try” list as well for this summer!

“Signature” of South

There is no one who has not heard about famous Uzbek plov! It is the signature food of south Kyrgyzstan and loved by everyone. Whether if you go to the weddings, birthday parties or some other events, it is impossible to imagine the dinners without this food!

What makes it so special? The main ingredients of plov are yellow carrots (literally yellow, not the orange ones we all use), meat (beef or mutton) and of course the unique brown rice, which is also grown in the country itself. The one from Uzgen city is considered as the best, yummiest and most famous around!

So, whenever you visit the south of Kyrgyzstan, do not even think of leaving it without trying real Uzbek plov made of unique veggies and Uzgen rice!

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