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Time seems like flowing, flying with the speed of light! Winter is also getting closer to the end. So, I am also doing my best to share as much information as possible on available ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan.

This ski base is one of the closest to the capital destinations, with the distance of about 90 km by car. “Orlovka” ski base is said to be the most visited places of the region for so many years already. The factors which make it so famous are probably obvious:

Great conditions of snow, all opportunities for any skier, no matter to which level he or she belongs, friendly atmosphere and so on. Besides these, there is a nice place available for having some delicacies after tiring activities: the cafe there provides the dishes of not only Kyrgyz nation, but also the international cuisine!

Kashka Suu ski base

While winter is going as perfect as it can be in Kyrgyzstan, I will keep on recommending more and more destinantion for you to have the best winter breaks ever.

As you may have already figured, Karakol is not the only ski base in the country. Kyrgyzstan is the land of mountains and the places to enjoy winter sports are also that many!

So, for those who are now in Bishkek city, the closest and the best place to go is Kashka Suu ski base. Just about an hour from the capital, the mountainous area allows the visitors to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, riding on cable cars and somuch more according to your winter fantasy!

Cabins, beautiful and cozy rooms are able to stay for several days as well. Yummy food, drinks and fresh air are the things always available there.

Winter in Kyrgyzstan

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If you have got a chance to visit the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan – Issyk Kul lake in winter, then I would advise you not to hurry to leave the region. The thing is, Issyk Kul province hides the best place to spend winter holidays. It is the most famous Karakol ski base of Kyrgyzstan.

The base is situated on the Karakol gorge, having almost all conditions for winter sports. You can enjoy the best activities of the season, including skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and much more. There are rentals of equipments available, so you do not have to worry for not having ones.

Since Karakol is considered the best ski resort of the country, you will not have any problems with finding a suitable hotels or guest houses either. The visitors can enjoy the cosiness of them after the exhausting day of skiing and snowboarding.

Last but not the least, if you do visit Karakol region, do not forget to try the special food, called “Ash-lyam-fu”. It is the cold appetizer made of noodles and starch and got the status of “signature food” of Karakol.

Pearl of the country

I invite you to go further in to the Issyk Kul province, after the memorial of San Tash today. There is a perfect reason to do so, because this province hides the main pearl of the country. It is the most visited place by not only locals, but also the tourists. That is a famous the biggest in the country alpine lake – Issyk Kul.

Issyk Kul is the second largest alpine lake after the lake Titikaka, with the depth of up to 700 meters. Its name from Kyrgyz language is translated as “warm lake”. The reason is, the lake does not freeze in cold winters as other lakes do. The saltiness level of lake’s water is really high and this does not allow it to freeze.

They also compare the lake to the sea because of its enormous size: it is just impossible to see the other side of earth on the shores of Issyk Kul. It is still a mystery that the water level does not really change in the lake, although there are so many rivers flowing into it and none of them go out!

The view around is just breathtaking on the beaches. The crystal clear water and gracious white glaciers of mountains let you feel the real joy of being in harmony with nature, far from the chaos of urbanization….

Heritage from Tamerlan

Kyrgyzstan and its history amazes me very often. I ask myself, how can this small country include such huge amount of history inside? The thing is, the history is not only on the books but also scattered by different places. Just taking a tour around this country and sightseeing can as much information as in ten books of history.

What I would like to share today is a one-of-a-kind memorial, located in Issyk Kul province. They call it San Tash (“counting stone” from Kyrgyz language). At the first sight, it is hard to accept that as some important heritage, because all you will see is big amount of stones, put in one place. But just a little legend will make everything clear:

The legends say that the soldiers of Tamerlan first left a stone each to one place before going to the war. After the battle, they returned to the same place to take back the stones and see how many of them were not able to make it. When Tamerlan saw the amount of soldiers killed in the battle, he was so touched and let their stones remain there as a memory from the brave soldiers…

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