Heli skiing in Kyrgyzstan

A great experience for real adventurers and lovers of of snowy peaks – Heli-skiing.

I  dream to pass some days on untouched nature and move down from the high mountain pacemaker. In Kyrgyzstan, there are a lot of mountains and winter these skiing tours are popular and are conducted at altitudes between 3,000 – 4,500 metres.

And of course you need to be an expert skier to go up by helicopter to the top, and then ski and feel the adrenaline of the descent.

Take a look and enjoy of the ski slopes!


Mountain lake Issyk-Kul is the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by majestic kyrgyzstan mountains, this jewel is beautiful in all seasons – because it does not freeze even in winter

Beautiful nature, mountain air, extraordinary peaks of Tian Shan mountains, hot springs available all year round. You can easily spend a week here and swim in the crystal clear water!

Enjoy the video about the town of Cholpon-Ata on the northern coast of the lake.

Visit Card of Kharezm

A person may have never been to the province of Kharezm, he or she may have never heard of their customs and traditions, But it is impossible not to know their traditional dance!

None of Uzbekistan’s concerts, ceremonies and national holidays, such as Navruz are held without this dance. With not the simplest, yet interesting and unique moves, this dance and its music does not let anyone watching just sit; they will definitely join and enjoy the dance even from their seats!

From variety of types, this one, performed by girls is a nice example of how they do it. Check it out!

Khiva Live

As mentioned in the latest post, Khiva got its name by unusually pleasing water for drinking. So, the fact that they also call the city as a gateway to the desert may surprise you a bit…

What you can do in this case is simply enjoy the video tour to that wonderful city and find out for yourself, what was that reason to Khiva’s “Nick”!

The virtual adventure will also give you broader idea of how people live there and what historical treasures they have to be proud of.

Khey Vah!

I am pretty sure that even if you did not understand exactly what the title means, you must have felt that it was an expression of pleasure. Interesting, is it not? What does it have to do with our today’s destination?

The thing is, we are traveling to the next region of Uzbekistan, the beautiful Kharezm and its most famous city, called Khiva. Here you go! Khey Vah and Khiva have something in common, don’t they?…

Many years ago, there was discovered a water spring in the city…People would drink from it and the taste made them exclaim with pleasure! You already know how they said that, right? :)